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We can’t know

I just finished a novel about people walking the Camino de Santiago – the ancient Christian pilgrimage route across Spain. It was a sweet book, and as you might expect, the characters spent much of their time exploring why they were on this pilgrimage. They walked to find their inner strength, forgiveness, purpose or legacy […]

Community Initiatives

What about famous?

I started 2020 with the intention to write more and I have been. So far I have accumulated a pretty reasonable stock of potential future blog posts.  I haven’t been sharing them, however, because my writing is currently quite dark, anxious and irritable. While it may feel cathartic for me to get those thoughts out […]


The question nobody has asked me yet…

No one has asked me this question, but I want to answer it: Why don’t I support Bernie Sanders as the Democratic Presidential Candidate?  I know, I know, I know –  we are supposed to all play nice right now and not criticize someone else’s candidate, but since I have the forum, I am going […]